Quick Answer: Who are the four key players in the criminal justice system and explain their role?

Answer. Answer: The police, the Public Prosecutor, the defence lawyer and the judge are the key player.

What are 4 key players in the criminal justice system?

The four key players are Police Public prosecutor Defence lawyer Judge

  • Police.
  • Public prosecutor.
  • Defence lawyer.
  • Judge.


Who are the role players in the criminal justice system?

The key role players in the criminal justice system include the police (SAPS), prosecutors or National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), the judiciary or presiding officers (magistrates and judges) and correctional services. The police are the key frontline forces in the criminal justice system.

Who are the key players in a criminal justice system what is the role of a judge in deciding a case?

The judge hears all the witnesses and any other evidence presented by the prosecution and the defense. The judge decides whether the accused person is guilty or innocent on the basis of the evidence presented and in accordance with the law. If the accused is convicted, then the judge pronounces the sentence.

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Who are the main key players in a court?

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  • Police and public prosecutor to investigate any crime and file the charge sheet.
  • Judge to conducts the trials impartially and hear all the witnesses and any other evidence presented by the prosecution and the defence.
  • Defence lawyer to do fair trials.

Which out of the following do not play a key role in our criminal justice system?

Who among the following does not play a role in the criminal justice system? The police.

What is the role of police in criminal justice system?

Police and their functions are very important in criminal justice system. Because it is the principal duty of the police to arrest criminals and conduct them until the conclusion of trial for preventing crime. Police are legally authorized to use force and other means of coercion to execute public and social order.

Who are the role players?

role player

  • One who assumes or acts out a particular role.
  • One who engages in role-playing.
  • Sports A team athlete who plays mainly in specific situations. ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Noun.

What are the 5 pillar of criminal justice system?


What are the roles in a court case?

Key figures in a courtroom trial are the judge, a court reporter (in superior court), a clerk, and a bailiff. Other central people are the attorneys, the plaintiff, the defendant, witnesses, court interpreters, and jurors.

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What power does a judge have?

In common-law legal systems such as the one used in the United States, judges have the power to punish misconduct occurring within a courtroom, to punish violations of court orders, and to enforce an order to make a person refrain from doing something.

Who can be called to the police station for questioning?

Confessions made in police custody cannot be used as evidence against the accused. A boy under 15 years of age and women cannot be called to the police station only for questioning.

What is the role of the judge Short answer?

Answer. Judges play many roles. They interpret the law, assess the evidence presented, and control how hearings and trials unfold in their courtrooms. … The judge is the “trier of fact,” deciding whether the evidence is credible and which witnesses are telling the truth.

What are the two sides in a court case?

In criminal trials, the state’s side, represented by a district attorney, is called the prosecution. In civil trials, the side making the charge of wrongdoing is called the plaintiff. (The side charged with wrongdoing is called the defendant in both criminal and civil trials.)

What is a judge’s assistant called?

A judge’s secretary is called a “judicial assistant” (or “JA” for short). The JA is often a very important person, because she answers the judge’s phones and schedules matters on the judge’s calendar.

What is the defendant’s lawyer called?

In a criminal case, the government’s lawyer is called the prosecutor — usually an assistant district attorney (state court cases) or assistant U.S. attorney (federal court cases). Criminal defendants may be represented by a public defender, a lawyer appointed by the court, or a private attorney hired by the defendant.

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