Best answer: How much is ProDiscover forensic?

ProDiscover IR current retail price is $995, while ProDiscover Forensic 4.9 retails at $2,195.

Is ProDiscover forensics free?

ProDiscover combines speed and accuracy, with ease of use and is available at an affordable price. Launched in 2001, ProDiscover has a rich history.

How much does digital forensics cost?

In regard to digital forensics, ranges can be a couple thousand dollars to well over $100,000 with the typical analyses being somewhere in the $5,000 to $15,000 range, based upon factors involved. Let’s explore some of the factors that affect digital forensics pricing.

What is ProDiscover forensics?

ProDiscover Forensics is a comprehensive digital forensics software that empowers investigators to capture key evidence from computer systems. ProDiscover has capabilities to handle all aspects of an in-depth forensic investigation to collect, preserve, filter, and analyze evidence.

What is the use of ProDiscover?

ProDiscover Forensic is a computer security tool that enables computer professionals to locate all of the data on a computer disk and at the same time protect evidence and create quality evidentiary reports for use in legal proceedings.

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What is the best forensic software?

The Best Open Source Digital Forensic Tools

  1. Autopsy. Autopsy is a GUI-based open source digital forensic program to analyze hard drives and smart phones effectively. …
  2. Encrypted Disk Detector. …
  3. Wireshark. …
  4. Magnet RAM Capture. …
  5. Network Miner. …
  6. NMAP. …
  7. RAM Capturer. …
  8. Forensic Investigator.

Which tool is needed for a computer forensics job?

Sleuth Kit (+Autopsy) is a Windows based utility tool that makes forensic analysis of computer systems easier. This tool allows you to examine your hard drive and smartphone. Features: You can identify activity using a graphical interface effectively.

Is Computer Forensics a good career?

Is Computer Forensics a good career? There is a high demand for expertise in computer forensics. Following the increasing reliance on the internet and computer technologies, computer forensics has become a significant part of business and law and a very lucrative career path.

How long does digital forensics take?

A complete examination of a 100 GB of data on a hard drive can have over 10,000,000 pages of electronic information and may take between 15 to 35 hours or more to examine, depending on the size and types of media.

How long does it take for forensic report?

It is quite absurd that the average waiting time for a forensic report should be as much as six months. Police forces must be equipped with specialists in collecting forensic evidence from the crime scene, so that evidence is not contaminated by blundering amateurs.

What is an FTK Imager?

FTK® Imager is a data preview and imaging tool that lets you quickly assess electronic evidence to determine if further analysis with a forensic tool such as AccessData® Forensic Toolkit® (FTK) is warranted.

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What program serves as the GUI front end for accessing sleuth kit’s tools?

Autopsy® is an easy to use, GUI-based program that allows you to efficiently analyze hard drives and smart phones.

What is EnCase Enterprise?

EnCase is the shared technology within a suite of digital investigations products by Guidance Software (now acquired by OpenText). … Encase allows the investigator to conduct in depth analysis of user files to collect evidence such as documents, pictures, internet history and Windows Registry information.

How much does Xplico cost?

Xplico is free and open-source software, subject to the requirements of the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.

Is autopsy software free?

Autopsy is free. … Autopsy offers the same core features as other digital forensics tools and offers other essential features, such as web artifact analysis and registry analysis, that other commercial tools do not provide.