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Milton Conde speaks the TRUTH about Judicial Corruption in Queensland.


Milton Arnoldo Conde was a lawyer in El Salvador and has done five years part-time of his law degree [LLB], in Australia, and will complete his combined degrees this year. Milton has English as a second language, and has, as a consequence, experienced, in Australia, flagrant racial vilification and discrimination especially in the corrupt court and legal system in in Queensland. .Milton simply wanted justice but he was cheated. He would not accept being cheated. Milton Conde has just been declared, by a corrupt legal system, as a Vexatious Litigant to defeat his actions.

Until now,Milton has been fighting alone. Now, Milton has his own forum on our highly Google rating collective websites. With Milton's progressively increasing publication, his adversories should be a little concerned. Milton has been cheated, including by Peter Roney, a 'member' of Qld Anti Discrimination Triobunal [QADT]. Peter Roney has been mentioned adversely on our webites, [on this very Bulletin Board], publishing Roney's own admission in Roney's own handwritten note, of fraud and perjury and "it's all bullshit". The FRAUD was of the Commonwealth of Australia [stating in 1979] and The University of Queensland. Roney is a 're-appointed' member of the QADT.

Milton Conde charges Peter Roney with the TORTS of Misuse of Legal Powers & of CORRUPTION [Bias].

Milton's experience confirms the Reality that Queensland and Australian Law, courts and government are particularly CORRUPT, and that Australians do not realize it. IF AUSTRALIANS DID, IT SHOULD END. It requires people from overseas who are lawyers or who have had experience with law and corruption, to expose the corruption. I will mention three such people in a moment. From the experience of law overseas by all three, they each exp[ected that the courts and thegovernment would deliver them justice as their experience had shown them law would deliver.

Jim Tierney grew up in the deprivations following World War II in Liverpool England. Jim became a figher, boxer, weight and power lifter and Olympic trainer. Jim worked in night club security and knew the reality of corrution in Liverpool England. Jim has stated that he has never know such blatant corruption as experienced here in Australia but particularly in Queensland as discussed on ST Vincent de Paul Fraud website.

The two cases of Jim Tierney and Megumi Ogawa are in addition to the corruption dioscovered by Milton Conde. Milton will ensure this corruption is published.

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