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Qld Police use CRIMINAL MEANS totryto close down my websit

PostPosted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:15 pm
by russellt
Qld Police use CRIMINAL MEANS to try to close down my websites.
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I am publishing this, because the present FRAUD & CORRUPTION in QUEENSLAND and now AUSTRALIA has occurred, only because the CORRUPT labor political system in Queensland, [and now Australia], has made the judiciary corrupt and thus the whole legal profession utterly corrupt. SEE WHAT I INTEND TO DO ABOUT IT !

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The Queensland Police have tried to close down that part of our websites especially. That would tend to add support to the allegation that this is REAL ELECTORAL FRAUD. I have just posted the documentary evidence, and posed the question. I submit, that had there been an 'innocent' explanation, that PROVED me wrong, I would have been happy to publish the EVIDENCE, that would DIS-PROVE the contention of ELECTORAL FRAUD. I still am. I challenge you corrupt police that have tried to close down my sites. [I will always publish VALID RELEVANT CONTENT on my website. 'CONTENT' is the name of the game with the Internet. Instead, labor parasites BANNED ME FROM THE ELECTORAL OFFICES SO I COULD NOT CHECK THE ELECTORAL ROLL.] There are many ways they could contact me from my many websites, but they have not. All the have tried to do is close down my website and also tried to have Google censor results pointing to my sites. Since I have announced my Australian Senate Candidature, that action is now a crime. Queensland police will readily commit crimes..

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