My LOGO: my deformed skull.Garth Steven Donnelly,  -  I want to see him in jail.

cheater, nominally employed by BCC.  Should he be in jail for PERJURY?  You decide.
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If you become angry at what these parasites at BCC have been doing, here are some email addresses for these parasites.   Write to them all if you like.  Even make a distribution list on your machine so you can more readily send heaps more in the future.
"Lord Mayor, Brisbane City Council" <>;
"Senior Program Officer, Public Transport Facilities, Brisbane City Council, Mr Tony Woodcock" <>
Brisbane City Council, Terry Baker" <>;
David Bell <>;
"Mr Fenn Hughes, Project Officer, Waste Management, Brisbane City Council," <>;
"Donnelly Asset Management, Mr Garth S Donnelly" <>;
"Donnelly Asset Management, Mr Garth S Donnelly" <>;
"OIC BCC Laws Enforcement, Ken McHugh" <>

Have a look at DONNELLY'S description of me [my deformed skull, top left of this page, is not my fault] that he published to many at Brisbane City Council BCC].
Donnelly's shameful description of me.We can have a look later at some of the "work" of the David Bell and the Gaylene Vivian to whom Garth Donnelly sent this.  Are you surprised that all of them destroyed these emails or just failed in their legal obligation to produce them for my FOI?   It is most interesting how I came by this email about me.  I should have had it by FOI.  [The "I wonder if anyone will answer" refers to my request to them to fix the fence they agreed to build as stated in the stat dec by Donnelly, but it was in year 2000 not 1997 as stated by him.]  I will explain below what Donnelly [and Hughie McVean] did.

Since then I have many instances where Donnelly has been lying, usually at my expense.  I believe my best likelihood of HAVING DONNELLY JAILED is to concentrate on this Stat Dec that he was panicking about signing but still did sign it under pressure.  It was his CHOICE TO TELL LIES.   His comment, "Remember, ...  the first day I met (sic) him  .. .." shows he had set out from day one to cheat me, and was bagging me from day one.   I will continue to TARGET HIS STAT DEC until he is in JAIL.   If he was panicking then, I wonder how he will be feeling as he reads this and his work "mates", including Gaylene Vivian [who has been dumped in it by Donnelly's actions] discuss it with him.  Poor Garth!!!!  Gutless people start to implicate others.  Garth might even start saying "Hughie made me do it", so I wonder how Hughie will now be feeling, or his solicitors who I believe knew what Hughie was doing - probably because he told them what he wanted to do, ie cheat me, and asked for advice - will now be feeling.   Those solicitors could be becoming very worried at what they think Hughie may do.  They could be worried depsite what Hughie may say, because they would not know what sort of pressure Coral might be putting on Hughie, as Hughie has dumped Coral into the quagmire too by having her sign fraudulent documents which he has now submitted to court.   {"What a tangled web ....."}   Hughie has lost a lot of money for Coral and himself and ME.   Solicitors cannot assist a client do illegal acts.  [A client may think it is not illegal and just smart but the solicitor knows it is illegal and should advise against it, rather than assist the client.]  Such is FRAUD and ALL  client privilege is lost on such communications

One day Donnelly just happens to send his stach of emails about me, to the FOI officer at BCC to tell him he had just found them, oh yeh.  After an FOI application has been Internally Reviewed, I can apply to the Information Comissioner {IC] to have it Externally Reviewed.  I regularily do this as the BCC staff have shown themselves to be cheaters and CRIMINALS.   Anyway, I made much to the IC, of this tardy provision of these documents.  Hence the IC became involved.  Have a look at what the poor, poor Garth Donnelly wrote, [and so it was provided to me by FOI]
Donnelly whinge about signing a stat Dec.  Why? Was it not true?. Paul Wesener [not Wesner; Donnelly cannot not even spell his collegue's name] is the FOI "officer" at BCC.  May I repeat what he wrote, [HE sounds so pathetic], "...this does not make me happy, understand I will not be pressured into signing something that I have strong principals (sic - whom, do they tell him what to do) and views." 

I copy the pages of the Stat Dec below.  I reckon it is a load of cobblers, and I reckon I know what happened and the reason that he produced them rather then just destroy them.

Anne Lindon was an employee of the Information Commissioner [IC].  Donnelly had been sitting on her email to him to sign it for eight days.  Poor parasite must have been stewing.  This still has a long way to go.  I reckon we will be able to have it [the stat dec he signed as below - note the date of signing] proven to be PERJURY.   He signed the Stat Dec FOUR  days later.  He must have been stewing all that time too.  You can imagine how our Hughie McVean, [his ridicule Russell Mathews mate] must have thought that something had changed as Donnelly must have been very short with Hughie when Hughie phoned on the 25 November, 2004, just two days after Donnelly's  having been hauled over the coals and stewing for well over one month from 10 October, to 23 November, 2004.  Have a look.
First page of Donnelly's Stat Dec.I have obtained copies of emails by FOI where the Gaylene Vivian [of BCC Urban Transport Dept] ADMITS SHE LIED TO ME ON THE PHONE.  

As well, that David Bell cannot be too  relaxed about his involovement in  the cheating of me.   You can see in  Donnelly's email of  July 31, 2001 to David Bell and Gaylene Vivian that Donnelly reckoned they should treat me improperly. 

Second page of Donnelly's Stat Dec.

Now for the gap under the fence that Garth Donnelly told the fence builder John Simson, to leave there.   Simson told me just before he finished building the fence, that, "I'm only a Donnelly's gap under my fence.sub-contractor, I have to do as I am  told."  I got on well with him and his two offsiders.  I think they thought I had achieved quite a coup managing to cause the BCC to build and paint a 6 foot high fence with a lock up gate on the two street frontages of my property.   [If any one knows the whereabouts of John Simson or either of his two offsiders, PLEASE CONTACT ME.]   John Simson then went over to the fence and pointed to the gap under the front, upper part of the fence  as shown  in the photo [taken later, after David Bell of BCC had arranged for the BCC to build a strip of concrete 40 cm out from the fence - rather then fix my fence, no doubt because Donnelly, after talking to Hughie decided to cheat me - to stop the footpath falling away, but definitely not fix my fence as they should have when it was built - the next photo], because the fence had not been built properly.   I had written to them meekly requesting someone from the BCC coming to inspect the fence, and apologising for bothering them.   Donnelly's email  first appearing on this page, was the result, and no reply to me.   You can see the ground was never to the height of the bottom of the fence and you can see how the last few pickets were stepped to ensure there was this hugh gap under the fence, just to cheat me.

Concrete strip directed by  David Bell of BCC to build to save fixing my fence.
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