Corrupt Australian Police

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Menu: Fighting police rogues & scum; and other criminal parasites.

  1. Can you trust Mander Toyota Queanbeyan?
  2. Mark McDonald at Mander Toyota is a liar & perjurer!
  3. Dirk Nierop's battle against "bent" NSW coppers
  4. Fraudster: Leslie Charles Gilroy, NSW Police Officer
  5. Fraud: Tracey Anne Ganzerla -- Tracey Anne Payne
  6. Fraud: Eugene Cleveland Ganzerla -- central west NSW
  7. Fraud: Detective David Kay NSW Police Investigator
  8. Fraud: Ben Nicholls Solicitor -- dickhead and idiot
  9. Elrington Boardman Allport, Lawyers Queanbeyan, NSW IDIOTS

John Reid exposes the many examples of police corruption right around Australia, including the blatant criminal fraud, at gunpoint by the scum parasite police 'officer' Leslie Charles Gilroy of Queanbeyan, but, as shown, corruption like this is standard conduct for police in Australia.

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